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The participation of all people in social life also includes the participation of older people and people with mobile restrictions.

Digital inclusion is an important goal and, at the same time, an important link to the world today, even for elderly people in nursing homes and to keep in touch with your family and with modern communication channels such as social media, messaging, video telephony and Internet information and shopping – keep the connection. Especially with mobile restrictions, tablets are very good opportunities today.


Digital inclusion means that access to websites has to be open to everyone – accessible and simple. This is the goal of the CareSpotTablet, which will enable elderly people and people with disabilities to participate in the digital society. These citizens get the opportunity to try out Tablet PCs and explore the possibilities of the Internet.


Product description

The “CareSpotTablet” by CareSpot Inc. creates this bridge and helps to learn how to handle modern media. It makes use of the new possibilities and benefit, especially for the older generation.

The CareSpotTablet is provided by a network formed with nursing homes and disabled centres to create the bridge for the residents’ way into the digital world. Through a hotspot structure, special tablets – which can be operated very easily – and special offers from a kiosk app. It creates an information channel that allows social media to be learned and integrated in different ways.

Other target groups, such as facility management, nursing staff, as well as dependents and service providers, are also involved.

Further information can be found on Youtube.