Domains Industry 4.0

Silltec designs and markets the DRAGO® range of laser cleaning machines used for several applications in different industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, plastic injection, luxury or construction. DRAGO® laser machines are designed to replace polluting and restrictive techniques such as sanding, cryogenics or chemical baths. Indeed, they do not require any consumables and do not generate any waste, thus representing a disruptive solution for companies looking to implement a genuine CSR approach. These machines exist in “Mobile” version but also in “Station” version which allows a complete automation and digitization of the cleaning process. It eliminates all types of coatings (release agent, oxidation, paint, grease, glue, dirt, traces of heating …) on many materials even the most sensitive (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, concrete, glass, wood, stone …).

Patented by Silltec, the DRAGO® Thick technology reaches the highest peak power on the market (up to 40MW). Unlike standard fiber lasers, this innovative solution does not bring heat to the substrate and therefore does not cause any deterioration or wear of the treated material.