Domains Health & Well-Being
Personalized healthcare and nutrition
Non-invasive diagnosis
Turnover 2000
Number of staff 7
_SensorsTemperature, humidity and misture - Electric and magnetic
_ComputingCloud Computing
_Analytics & AIBig Data Analytics - Predictive Analytics - Data representation/visualization - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Detection, recognition and tracking

Business purpose

The Skinmade GmbH is a spin-off from Fraunhofer. We establish a new brand and sell personalized skin care products with individual adapted ingredients and concentrations via stationary trade (produced at the point of sale) and E-Commerce.


The skin is measured sensorily and regularly. Based on the measurement results an artificial intelligence computes an individual formulation. This formulation perfectly suits to the skin’s current needs and has a high efficiency.

Business model

We generate income with the selling of skin care products via stationary trade (point of sale production by so called mini factories) and via E-Commerce.

Our team

Viktor Balzer: Head of finance and marketing, former conultant at Fraunhofer

Dr. Lars Rüther: Head of dermopharmacy and product development, former head of R&D at dermatest

Patrick Kübler: Head of technology and manufacturing, former research fellow at Fraunhofer