Domains Health & Well-Being
Personalized healthcare and nutrition
Monitoring and autonomy solutions for disabled and elderly
Number of staff 5
_SensorsPresence and position - Temperature, humidity and misture - Displacement, motion, speed and acceleration - Acoustic, sound and vibration
_ComputingCloud Computing - Distributed computing
_Analytics & AIData representation/visualization - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Detection, recognition and tracking

Founder Michaela Schicho, a passionate technology expert and for long time a researcher in the field of biomedical information systems, developed the idea of combining fashion with IT. Mary, by Sticklett, is the result of smart integration of medical miniature sensors into removable appliques. Mary is a removable high-tech applique in the form of a ladybug figure, that can measure vital parameters and alerts.

More information on our product can be found on Youtube.