Domains Industry 4.0
Digital and Connected Factory
Number of staff <10
_SensorsPresence and position - Acoustic, sound and vibration
_Other DeepTechSecurity, cryptography

SIMSHOP patented an exclusive ultrasound technology. The Wi-Us signal transfers data through any speaker  and microphone, without radio waves. It’s relevant where radio waves are not effective: explosive  environments, humid, electro sensitive or with strong security needed. Even relevant for geolocation  because the signal will match the place. Wi-Us technology is the only one in the world to do multiplexing  and stay robust and reliable up to 100 meters.

Wi-Us is already installed in EDF Nuclear Plants and used for data transmission. The NSWeight box  estimatex the load of a vehicle for TomTom Telematics. We won the e-payments Challenge of Worldline  with ultrasound authentication, ready to match the DSP2 European Directive.

Wi-Us technology is certified by Nuclear Valley Technical Committee. STIMSHOP is labalized by Systematic  and part of HP Enterprises Startups acceleration program. In 2019, STIMSHOP won prizes in IT Innovation  Forum and Global Leader IEClub.