Tablet Solutions

Domains Industry 4.0
Digital and Connected Factory
Process and performance optimization
Number of staff 10
_Other DeepTechAugmented, virtual and mixed reality
_ComputingCloud Computing
_Analytics & AIPredictive Analytics - Speech, Facial, Gestures, Emotions Recognition - Chat(ter)bot - Cognitive Computing - Detection, recognition and tracking

WorkHeld is a softwareplatfrom developed to increase the productivity of manufacturing, service and maintenance processes. The software system simplifies communication with the mobile workforce and provides a platform for a productive work order execution. WorkHeld enables the distribution of information in real time, from the assignment of work orders to the final signature of the client. Project coordinators can easily allocate work orders and resources and the field workers are immediately granted access to all needed information such as construction plans, stock lists, shipping documents and check lists. Easy work order planning, functions to record work and travel times, expense tracking, material and defect management as well as an automated reporting are some of the key features of WorkHeld.

WorkHeld is the first software platform of its kind to introduce an intelligent voice assistant – a Siri for technicians. Typing and clicking are no longer necessary, so work gloves or dirty hands are no longer an obstacle for technicians. Neither is the lack of mastery of typing a problem. The interaction through speech allows real multitasking. Information can be retrieved or documented while the technician is still busy solving the problem.