The Deep Tech startups acceleration programme

Deeptech4Good is a market driven project aiming to scale-up 30 IoT/deeptech start-up through the connection of 4 hubs (Paris area, Barcelona area, Stuttgart/Karlsruhe area, Styria & Carinthia area). The market focus is on 4 emerging application domains of the Internet of Things (IoT)/deeptech :

Smart City

Smart Mobility

Industry 4.0

Health & Well-being

Six events will be organized during the project in the 4 hubs to help start-up raise funds (fundraising pitch contests), meet large corporates from the areas (business to business meetings) and get involved in public-funded innovation and R&D collaborative projects (open innovation workshops).

The key actions of the project

Screening and mapping high-potential start-up

The objective is to identify the start-ups with high growth potential, learn how
– To help them individually
– Organize coaching sessions to help the start-up fine-tune their strategy
– Facilitate market access identifying the most relevant actions to connect them with strategic partners in the value chain, access emerging markets and attract investment.

Attracting private and public finance

A board of private investors will participate in start-up fundraising challenges to evaluate the applications and the pitch sessions during the 6 events organized throughout the project.

Moreover start-up will be informed, during the open innovation workshops, of every public funding opportunities at the regional, national and the European level to transform the emerging ideas into collaborative projects.