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Personalized healthcare and nutrition
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Tilak is a unique videogame studio where like-minded & passionate people create fun, mobile medical games for patients with chronic diseases. There is an ever-increasing demand for medical services, placing a huge burden on the healthcare system. Doctors and caregivers need new, validated tools and resources in order to improve access. Our motives are best expressed by our company slogan: ‘You Play, We Care.’ Our goal is to help doctors respond to patients who need it most, by bridging the two concepts of play and patient care.

At Tilak Healthcare, every product on the market is clinically validated, developed with physicians and patient advocates, compliant with medical device regulations, and protects the patient’s privacy.

Tilak has leveraged advances in smartphone technology to produce OdySight, bringing together medical expertise and the science of gaming. Designed and built by a joint team of expert ophthalmologists and videogame specialists, Odysight is a free mobile app used for the testing and monitoring of patients suffering from maculopathy. The app is prescribed to a patient like any other medical device and offers a variety of digital visual tests adapted from those used at the clinic, as well as games and puzzles to stimulate and test cognitive and visual performance.

Further information can be found on Youtube.