Domains Industry 4.0
On-line, real-time, NDT and quality control
Turnover 171 K€ (2017)
Number of staff 5
_SensorsVision and optical

Tridimeo provides its industrial customers with high-speed and multispectral 3D vision solutions that make it possible to perform high-yield quality checks and short-cycle-time robotic guidance processes.

The Tridimeo technology makes a major breakthrough in industrial vision as it is no longer needed to make a compromise between accuracy and speed: the 3D images can indeed be delivered as fast as 5 frames per second with submillimeter precision. And the acquisition of optical spectra makes it possible to monitor the color of the product and to detect unwanted elements in the production.

The Tridimeo solutions thus contribute to improve product quality, to reduce manufacturing costs and to increase factory productivity.