Domains Industry 4.0
Automation, robotics and cobotics
Turnover 550.000 - 1.000.000
Number of staff 12
_Other DeepTechRobots, cobots - 3D Design, Simulation - Augmented, virtual and mixed reality
_Analytics & AIMachine learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Artificial neural networks

TruPhysics Augmented Reality App is a platform for individual and expandable solutions in Sales and Service. Our application is customized according to internal business processes and sectors. For Sales, we provide a supportive Sales presentation for realistic demonstration and configuration of the product portfolio. Also, we enable an advanced way of communication for service instructions. Also, our R&D sector is focused on the generation of synthetic training data for neural networks and artificial intelligence in robotics. So, we are proud of having this background in engineering to support our customers in the best possible way.

Our team

Albert Groz, CEO: Before founding the company, he worked as a freelancer as project manager for system rollouts of CRM systems. His core competencies include the creation of software architectures as well as marketing, sales and project management.

Bernd Eckstein, Dipl.Inf: Bernd Eckstein studied informatics at the University of Stuttgart and before funding TruPhysics he participated and won with his team the Robocup in 2009. He has ten years of working experience in robotics, vision and virtual reality.

Björn Schenke, Ph.D.: Björn Schenke has enormous skills in hacking the Matrix of Software Code.