23 Apr. 2020
News > US magazine “Forbes” honors Leftshift One

Ray of hope during Covid-19 crisis: The renowned US magazine Forbes decorates the Austrian hightech company Leftshift One as one of the 30 best young enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry and commerce will soon see Leftshift One entering the market.

Roughly 30 young enterprises were highlighted to offer groundbreaking achievements within the artificial intelligence sector by the GSA outlet of US magazine Forbes. For the first time the illustrious circle of promising hightech businesses holds an Austrian member in Leftshift One. According to Forbes, the Artificial Intelligence Operating System by Leftshift One (also known as G.A.I.A.) catapults them into the who-is-who of technology. The list was carefully put together with the help of Enlite.AI, a consulting and research company supporting businesses to use AI.

Leftshift One’s software platform for artificial intelligence is designed as a toolbox, containing cognitive skills like text understanding, data analysis by converting speech to text as well as interpreting emotions.

“We are honored by this award. It is the result of our continued efforts over the years – especially thanks to our highly skilled and competent team”, says Leftshift One CEO Patrick Ratheiser, who also emphasizes, “During this situation around Covid-19 priorities are, of course, shifting. Nevertheless, we want to provide a moment of economical optimism with positive news during challenging times.”

Market entry in pharma and trade

Accordingly, the decoration is “both confirmation as well as a mission for the future”, Ratheiser explains. Hence, even while in home office the 25-person company is further developing the software platform G.A.I.A. “Especially during this exceptional period new fields of opportunities appear for our product”, states Stefan Schmidhofer, Vice President of Technology Advisory.

This is made possible by the rapid and easy creation of smart services based on the platform. “What makes the platform special is the generic design of all included competences. Thus, it can be the foundation for a wide variety of applications. This enables us to provide cross-industry solutions – currently a vital advantage”, says Schmidhofer.

Especially in commerce the Austrian hightech company is looking to enter the market soon. “If you seek to aggregate and compare the data of a large number of job applications, we are the number one address. But trade companies with large headcounts, who currently need to process hundreds of new employees, are not the only ones who can benefit from these advantages”, Schmidhofer adds.

G.A.I.A. is also set to help access new potentials within the highly demanded pharmaceutical industry. To be precise, smart services based on the platform are meant to support the automated quality assurance, “to ease the enormous pressure on production”, the Vice President concludes.