Vandelay - LOKLY

Domains Industry 4.0
_Other DeepTechSecurity, cryptography

Vandelay is a company specialized in the development of innovative secure solutions. We operate in 3 sectors: storage, access control and data communication.

Data security for on-the-move professionals is the major challenge.

In many situations and professional activities, using e-mails or Cloud services is not an option (absence or low connectivity, unsafe environment). Therefore, external drives or USB keys remains largely used but there is a real lack of secure solutions on the market.

That is why Vandelay developed Lokly, a real data vault that fits in your pocket with your smartphone as the unique combination to control and access your sensitive information.

  • Hardware AES 256bits encryption to cover data breaches risks,
  • Multi-factor authentication to be sure only you can access your device,
  • Universal and interoperable thanks to driver and software-free architecture,
  • Guarantee of confidentiality thanks to distinct data compartments,
  • BadUSB and Keylogger filter along with the possibility to exchange data from key to key without a PC thanks to the integrated female port.

This is only the beginning since the product can evolve by secure update!