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Smart Grids, energy monitoring and saving
Air and water quality moitoring
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_SensorsTemperature, humidity and misture

Our goal at qontour is to make cities and industrial areas greener and cleaner. Densely built-up areas, heavy traffic, and pollution cause cities to become hotter, dirtier, noisier, and harmful to live in. By planting greenery on every unutilized area – be it walls, bus stops, pillars, indoor halls – we plan to counteract the negative side effects of cities’ growth and development. By absorbing toxic substances, cooling down the air, dampening noise, and serving as thermal insulation, our product viridum can help improve both the citizen’s lives and the cityscape, while at the same time saving money by reducing the energy needed for heating and air-conditioning.

Our team

viridum is the brainchild of a handful of highly-skilled experts who have different backgrounds in mechanical and electrical engineering, metallurgy, software development, and other areas. As a team, we combine our knowledge and expertise gained in these fields to make cities better places to live and work in.