09 Jul. 2019
News > VitaDX raises €4 million

VitaDX raises €4 million from GO CAPITAL, AURIGA Partners, ODYSSEE Venture and FFBB Management.

ODYSSEE Venture investment fund joins the historical investors GO CAPITAL Amorçage II, AURIGA IV Bioseeds and Pierre-Yves Divet (FFBB Management) by investing in VitaDX for its third round of financing of €4,067,000.

“We would like to thank our 3 historical investors for their renewed confidence and we are pleased to welcome ODYSSEE Venture, which completes the expertise of our Board of Directors
by bringing its widely recognized experience in the software field. This new fundraising reinforces VitaDX’s legitimacy in the field of cancer diagnosis using image processing and artificial intelligence. We now have the financial and human resources to take VitaDX to the next level of development“
Allan RODRIGUEZ, Chief Executive Officer of VitaDX and Jacques Le Bozec,  Chairman of the Board of Directors of VitaDX

“We are delighted to support VitaDX and its historical investors in this new round. The treatment of bladder cancer is a major public health issue because current diagnostic techniques are expensive and insufficiently effective to detect low-grade cancers. By combining fluorescence imaging and artificial intelligence, VitaDX offers the only solution for early, automated and non-invasive detection of bladder cancer. The results obtained so far confirm the company’s strong potential” Sébastien SASSOLAS, Managing Director of ODYSSEE Venture, Director of VitaDX

“Since our acquisition of a stake in VitaDX two years ago, the VitaDX team has demonstrated its expertise and ability to develop a high-performance tool for the early diagnosis of bladder cancer. The product is now close to commercialization, the company must face new challenges and we are delighted to support the team in this new phase. We are convinced by the potential of VitaDx and that is why we renew our confidence in VitaDX by strengthening our shareholding”, Leila NICOLAS, Director of Investments at GO Capital, Director of VitaDX

“We are very happy to share this new phase of the company’s development with ODYSSEE Venture, which we know well. The high quality of the VitaDX team has enabled the company, with modest financial resources, to achieve significant operational milestones that have created substantial value. The new development and commercialization phase will quickly demonstrate the company’s very strong potential”, Sébastien DESCARPENTRIES, Managing Director of AURIGA Partners, Director of VitaDX


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