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Non-invasive diagnosis
Monitoring and autonomy solutions for disabled and elderly
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_SensorsAir or water quality - Flow and debit - Gas and chemical
_ComputingCloud Computing
_Analytics & AIBig Data Analytics - Predictive Analytics - Data representation/visualization - IHM, multimodal/natural human-machine interactions - Detection, recognition and tracking

Our easy to use and wear system vitascale enables people to very precise determine the individual metabolism (energy burned per day) and performance based on breath analysis. Thus, vitascale guides user to loos weight and/or improve over all fitness on a very efficient and individual level. Breath analysis has be recognized as the most accurate method to determine metabolism and performance of a human being. However, so far the existing system need huge equipment’s, the user has to wear a mask or tube, special trained staff is needed to perform the test and therefore the system is mainly used for medical and professional sport applications.  Our worldwide first end consumer ready system vitascale, which does not require any masks/tubes etc., is do to a sophisticated  App much easier to use, cost for B2C applications as much as a better heart rate monitor and therefore can be used not only for diagnostic but also for online coaching will become a the next generation of wearable. Thus, vitascale adds with breath analysis one additional very important parameter to the existing world of wearables such as fitnesstracker and heart rate monitors.  The system uses special developed sensors and has been patented several times in the US & EU. The business case is easily scalable and addresses a huge market of about 7.3 Bill € with 25% CAGR.

Our team

Dr. Ing. Ulrich Jerichow (CEO):

  • + 10 years proven Background in industry, e.g. 7 years CTO automotive industry
  • + 10 years proven background as business consultant; specialized in R&D, production, SMC focused on: medical applications, consumer goods, automotive
  • Former professional triathlon athlete

Jürgen Sauerzapf (CTO):

  • 20 years proven record in HW & SW Development
  • Expert for Health Kit & Mobile Health Development & Algorithms

Peter Hirsch (CFO):

  • +10 years CFO in Consumer & Medical Health industry
  • +10 years Business Consultant; Finance specialized