Walk With Path

Domains Health & Well-Being
Non-invasive diagnosis
Monitoring and autonomy solutions for disabled and elderly
Turnover N/A
Number of staff 5
_SensorsPresence and position - Temperature, humidity and misture - Force, pressure, load
_Other DeepTech3D Design, Simulation - Laser processing
_Analytics & AIAnalytics of Things (AoT) - Big Data Analytics

Walk With Path is a health-tech company focused on improving life for people with mobility disorders. We have two core products, Path Feel and Path Finder, which are wearable, designed to be integrated into daily life to improve mobility.

Path Finder is a shoe attachment that provides visual cues to help people with unsteady and irregular gait. This is particularly helpful to people with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, who commonly suffer from ‘freezing’, a symptom causing an individual to feel as if frozen to the ground. 

Path Feel is an insole that provides vibrational feedback to the soles of people at risk of falls, such as those with peripheral neuropathy, who are unable to feel the ground properly due to a sensory deficit, or those with general balance issues. By amplifying the sense of touch of the feet to the ground, users are able to identify accurately when their feet touch the ground, thereby reducing the sense of imbalance as well as incidence of falls.

Our team

Management team

The team is multidisciplinary, with a broad skill set, ranging from electronics, mechanical engineering, user-centric design, business, finance, biology to project management. There are currently five team members, led by Lise Pape.

  • Lise is the Founder of Walk With Path and the inventor of Walk With Path’s products. She holds a double Masters in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. Prior to that, she worked for Invest in Denmark at the Royal Danish Embassy in London, where she was responsible for Foreign Direct Investment within life sciences and clean tech. She has also worked in online advertising for AOL’s Advertising.com and in finance for J.P. Morgan. Lise also holds a BSc in Human Biology from King’s College London. She is responsible for strategy, partnerships and overseeing product development. Lise’s father has PD.
  • Florian Puech is the Technical Lead. He holds a double Masters in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. He previously worked as a Product Engineer at Decathlon, specialized in footwear. Florian also holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering from Arts et Métiers ParisTech. He is responsible for product development and engineering.

Other team members

  • Ander Arnaez has a degree in Business Administration from Deusto University, Spain. He is responsible for marketing and business development.
  • Lois Camp has a degree in biochemistry and research from King’s College London. She is responsible for study design and evaluation.
  • Lucia Mancisidor is involved on an ad hoc basis, and assists the team with financials and strategy. Lucia currently works for Octopus Ventures, and is an MBA student at London Business School.