Domains Mobility
Connected Vehicle, V2X Communications
Intelligent and cooperative transportation systems
Turnover N/A
Number of staff N/A
_SensorsVision and optical - Temperature, humidity and misture
_Analytics & AIDeep Learning - Detection, recognition and tracking

Wintics provides a software which automatically extracts insightful data from video cameras thanks to artificial intelligence. Our software is specifically designed to empower mobility infrastructure managers:

(i) it can analyze urban scenes in real time with a very high level of accuracy (count vehicles by type, determine the number of passengers within a vehicle, identify available parking slots, etc.),

(ii) it can connect to any already existing or newly installed camera, both optical and thermal,

(iii) it can be run on-edge in very small computers which can be hosted next to cameras in urban equipment (e.g. street lamps or traffic lights).

Our software is used by municipalities, cities’ operators, public transportation companies and mobility infrastructure operators.

Further information can be found here.